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About Impaq

Impaq was established in 2002 and has subsequently grown into the market leader in providing educational products and services to registered tutor centres and schools as well as to parents who choose to educate their children at home. The PSG group, the company behind success stories such as Capitec, PSG Konsult and Curro schools, owns a majority share in Impaq.

Impaq’s Curricilum

Impaq has developed a comprehensive curriculum, in line with CAPS, for Grade R to Grade 12. Our curriculum is based on a distance-learning model, which enables individualised learning in the classroom and at home. This model allows teachers and parents to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of learners, be that in a class environment or at home.

The curriculum comprises four phases, namely:

  • Foundation Phase (Grade R to 3)
  • Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 to 6)
  • Senior Phase (Grade 7 to 9)
  • Further Education and Training Phase, also known as FET (Grade 10 to 12).

Impaq offers over 150 subjects from Grade R to Grade 12, available in both English and Afrikaans. This includes all the compulsory subjects as per CAPS requirements, as well as five additional choice subjects in Grade 8 to 9 and 21 additional choice subjects in Grade 10 to 12.

Learning material

Your learners will receive all the study material required to successfully complete a subject, including:

Products per subject
Assessment and monitoring

  • Products per subject: Impaq’s authors create material, consisting of a set of lessons in keeping with the latest curriculum requirements and educational developments. It is learner-friendly and compiled according to the reading level of the particular age group, so learners would want to work and experiment with the lesson material.


  • DVD lessons (selected subjects only): For selected subjects in Grade 8 to 12, a DVD accompanies the study guide. The DVD contains videos of experts explaining and demonstrating the work in the study guide. The learning experience is enhanced, as the learner can see and hear the lesson or experiment.


  • Other lesson material (selected subjects only): Certain selected subjects include additional lesson material, e.g. prescribed works, flash cards, wallcharts and CDs. Impak’s experts also send additional material to learners from time to time, if there is a specific need for further explanation or more content. Please note: No practical apparatus or additional software for subjects with practical or technical aspects is included with the learning material.


FACILITATION. Impaq focuses on providing step-by-step support for every subject. Facilitation includes the following products and services per subject:

  • Facilitator’s guide: The facilitator’s guide supports the parent/facilitator in guiding the learner successfully through the subject. This includes work schemes, the assessment policy and guidelines as well as memorandums with mark allocations for project assignments, tasks and tests (Grade 4 to 9). For Grade R to 3, the facilitator’s guides contain SBAs (school-based assessment tasks) used for continuous assessment of learners.


  • Internet subject forums (selected subjects only): Parents, facilitators and learners who have Internet access can join the subject forums. These forums make regular communication between the parent, facilitator, learner and subject advisor easy and affordable. The subject forum technology virtually places the teacher in your home or centre.

  • Subject support service: Enquiries about subjects that do not have subject forums can be directed to Impak’s academic team via telephone, fax or e-mail at specific times. Enquiries requiring intensive and time-consuming explanations are regarded as an extra lesson and can be requested from our support centres or external tutors.


  • Winter school (Grade 12): At the winter school, the focus is on the application of critical principles in the most important subjects in preparation for the final examinations.


  • Centre facilitation: Learners who are registered at licenced Impak support centres or academic centres receive additional facilitation and tutor services supplied by the centre.


ASSESSMENT AND MONITORING. Impak supplies all assessment components and reports to continuously evaluate a learner’s performance. This includes the following per subject:​

  • School-based assessment tasks (Grade R—3): Impak supplies SBAs in the Portfolio books that can be used for continuous assessment of learners.


  • Tasks and tests (Grade 4—6): Impaq supplies all the tasks and tests Grade 4 to 6 learners have to complete throughout the year as well as memorandums in the facilitator’s guide.


  • Portfolio books (Grade 7—12): All continuous assessment components Grade 7 to 12 learners have to complete, excluding examinations, are supplied in the portfolio books.


  • Portfolio memorandums (Grade 7 and 11): The portfolio memorandum includes the memorandums for assessment components in the Grade 7 and 11 portfolio books. Please note that Grade 12 memorandums are not made available to centres or facilitators, as all assessments are sent to Impak for marking.
  • Examinations: Impaq supplies all the examination papers the learner has to write throughout the year. The June examination (Grade 4 to 12), Preliminary Examination (Grade 12) and November examination (Grade 4 to 11) are mailed to the parent or facilitator. All examinations from Grade 4 to 11 can be taken at home or at Impak support centres. Impaq compiles examination papers externally and only offers the examination on a scheduled basis. Memorandums for Grade 4 to 11 are sent to the parent or facilitator. The Grade 11 November examinations are sent to Impak for marking. Grade 12 memorandums are not made available, as all assessments are sent to Impak for marking.
  • Assessment service: If a learner’s answer sheets are submitted to Impak within the scheduled marking times, Impak’s examiners will mark them. Parents or facilitators can mark assessment material themselves, with the exception of Grade 11 November examinations and Grade 12 assessment material, which has to be sent to Impak for marking.
  • Report cards/progress reports: Impaq issues regular report cards and progress reports to parents, learners and facilitators.  Impaq’s report card for Grade R to 9 is, according to the Schools Act, a service we provide to the parent/guardian and the parent/guardian therefore also declares that the result of the assessment reflects the parent’s or facilitator’s opinion of the learner’s progress.
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