SLC is proud to be affiliated with Biolink Attention Training, offering Neurofeedback therapy to our learners as a level 1 support intervention for people of all ages for Attention and Hyperactivity problems, as well as Peak Performance Attention Training.

The SLC Learning Centre Educational Neurofeedback coaches use different forms of biofeedback exercises to help students to increase focus, concentration and to become more consistent when performing a task. When you are actively engaged or paying attention, the brain emits a signal – an attention signature. We use the Play Attention Body Wave armband (EEG) (see TIME Magazine). With the world leading Play Attention equipment  you to control our computer exercises by mind alone! Your mind becomes the mouse or joystick! These exercises not only teach you to improve focus, but also to ignore distractions, develop memory skills, finish tasks, and become organized. Attention is now concrete and controllable.
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Educational Neurofeedback helps with:

  • Attention, Memory and Cognitive Skills
  • Behavioral Shaping for learners with ADHD or ADD
  • Scientifically testing your attention and developing ways to enhance your attention
  • Teaching study methods to streamline your studying experience
  • Effortlessly enhancing your learning process with state-of-the-art technology
neurofeedback armband