What SLC Offers

Somerset West Learning Centre is a small private centre offering a daily extensive tutoring system for Grade 1 to 12 in a focussed environment, from 8am to 1pm, following the school terms of main stream schools.

  • Cultural and Physical activities in ths afternoons for Grades 1 to 7
  • Reading with Comprehensive support through Classroom reading programme
  • After Care and Homework support

Learning Environment


Our homely learning environment provides a comfortable, calm and relaxed atmosphere where learners can work effectively with maximum support.

  • Small groups with exceptional tutor-learner ratio

  • Focused, innovative and stimulating

  • Online access to research for all learners

  • Video lessons and student portals

  • Hours:  Monday to Friday from  8am to 1pm

  • Government school holidays

  • Our facilities create a quiet study environment where learners can focus

Learners who would benefit

  • Learners needing a smaller focused learning area

  • Learners needing a more stimulating and innovative environment

  • Learners who want to set their own pace, allowing them to take time off for professional sporting activities or competitions

  • Learners who struggle in the main stream schooling system

  • Learners with attentional problems

  • Learners who suffer from anxiety
  • Learners who find the main stream schooling system restrictive

The SLC teaching strategy

At SLC we believe that preparing our learners for the challenges in life and helping them to develope into well-balanced individuals is just as important as teaching towards academic success. We focus on positive character building, acknowledging each learner’s uniqueness.


Individual attention

  • At SLC, learners receive individual attention while working at a pace that suits their own needs, whether slower or faster.

Customized teaching

  • We do not do classroom teaching, but focus on the strengths of each learner individually to guide them through the curriculum and encourage them to work independently.

Parent involvement

  • We believe that parent involvement plays a large role in the success of our learners and we encourage regular and open communication with the parents at all times.

ADHD friendly

  • Focussed, quiet study environment

  • Limited distractions

  • Freedom to take breaks

  • Freedom to use technology

Culture, Sport and Social

At SLC Learning Centres we encourage our learners to engage in activities of their own choice and interest. We help them to get access to clubs, societies and competitions such as public speaking, drama and many more.

SLC Learning Centres are also a good choice for young professional sport people where their sport requires them to be away from school on a regular basis.

Subjects offered

The CAPS curriculum is divided into four phases, each with its own subjects.  For the first phase there is a set number of compulsury subjects and from Grade 10 to Grade 12 there are a multitude of subjects of which the student needs to do seven.  Two languages, usually Afrikaans and English, Mathematics or Maths Literacy as well as Life orientation are mandatory.  The other subjects can be chosen from the following list:

Business studies
Engineering graphics and Design

Information Technology
Computer Application Technology
Consumer Studies
Hospitality Studies
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences

Religious Studies
Visual Arts
Agricultural Practice
Agricultural Science
Mechanical Technology
Civil Technology


Learning made easy

- Set your own pace

- Online access to research

- Video lessons and student portals

- Small groups


Quality Education

- Specialized subject experts

- Extensive subject choices

- Impaq registered tutor centre

- Curriculum support : Grade 1 to 12


Learn with Technology

- Online access to all learners

- Freedom to use technology


ADHD Friendly

- Focused, quite environment

- Freedom to use technology

- Limited distractions


Professionally Qualified Tutors

- Maths, Science and Chemistry

- Design, Art and Photography

- Business and Programming

- Afrikaans and English

- Curriculum Specialist